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Удилище JS Company Ssochi N M4 S732L

Нет на складе Удилище JS Company Ssochi N M4 S732L

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Бесплатная доставка спиннингов JS Company по Украине.*
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Производитель: JS Company
Артикул: Ssochi Nano S732L
Наличие: Нет на складе
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Официальный представитель

Fish Time - официальный представитель компании JS Company в Украине.

3M POWERLUX, Silica Nano Matrix Composite, is incredible new material. It realized 20% light and upped 60% strength.
We obtain 3M’s first approval for "A tier” fabrication outside the United States. We developed New Lure Rod. Product Specification
1. Blank material: 3M POWERLUX + Ultra-high modulous carbon (40+46 tons)
3M's POWERLUX prepreg covers disadvantages of ultra-high modulous carbon sheet’s compressive strength, tensile strength, and impact strength. POWERLUX amplifies power and strength with its unique physical properties of the material characteristics.
2. Blank structure (mechanism):
Helical core structure applied inside and outside of the blank, serves to unite the conflicting material and creates strong and light blank which allows high sensitivity, maximizes instantaneous torque, and assures positive hookset from a long distance.
- Supermicro high-density carbon method (SHD) applied: designed closer to the pure carbon. SHD is a high performance method which eliminates the wasted space of interlayer from multi materials and reduces unnecessary resin to increase power and lightness.
- Applied Fuji titanium KR Guide Concept. Equipped with lightweight and unchanging titanium frame. KR guide enhences PowerLux blank and assures power, sensitivity, accurate casting, and long distance casting.
4. Premium grade Portugal cork grip
Imported raw cork material from Portugal directly.nbsp; Designed to fit in the hands of Koreans well and high quality cork ensures well fitted ergonomics.
5 Used two-tone aluminum anodizing technique.
- Spinning rods: Fuji SKSS reelseat.
- Bait casting rods: Fuji SKTS reelseat.
7 Upgraded with conveniant rod case.
 - Packaged with high-quality Aluminium case.

  • Кол-во частей: 2
  • Вес (г): 95
  • Транспортировочная длина (м): 1.13
  • Длина удилища (м): 2.20
  • Тест спиннинга ОТ (г): 4
  • Тест спиннинга ДО (г): 17
  • Тест спининга: Light
  • Строй: Fast
НазначениеСпиннинговая ловля
Длина удилища, м2.20
Вес удилища, г95
Тест, г4-17
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